Conditions of Card Use

Standard Conditions:

  • Your Card can't be used for a discount on any product or service that is already discounted or on 'special' (eg set-price menus and banquets)
  • It is not transferable and can only be used by the person to whom it was issued
  • The Digital Card is only valid at a particular venue when the name of that venue is displayed on the Card, and is flashing
  • Where internet access is unavailable, a photo of the Card (containing the venue name) is allowed, BUT you must show other ID (with your name on it) to prove you are the cardholder 
  • Your Card can be used at all venues repeatedly, during its validity period
  • Only valid for products and services purchased directly, and not through a booking agent
  • Cannot be used to generate benefits redeemable for cash or credits towards other products or services
  • Can be cancelled without prior notice, in cases of misuse
  • Neither the physical Card nor the Digital Card can be copied or reproduced in any way, and to do so is a fraudulent act

At Restaurants:

  • Please present your Card BEFORE your bill is prepared, so staff don't need to re-calculate the amount owed
  • Maximum of ONE Card and ONE bill per table, unless otherwise stated on individual venue pages
  • Excludes set-price menus and take-away, unless otherwise stated on individual venue pages
  • Not valid on Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, New Years Day, or Public Holidays, or at other special times listed under Special Conditions in the Conditions Section on individual venue pages 
  • Any taxes or charges will be calculated on the final amount, once the Privileges offer has been applied
  • Where an offer of 25% off applies, this covers you and any guests at your table
  • Where a Main Course offer applies, and where more than 2 Main Courses are purchased at the table, the Main Course selected to come off the bill will be the one that is of equal or closest value to the most expensive Main Course purchased at the table. The cardholder must be dining with at least one other person in order to claim this offer. Where a Main Course is purchased and a second Main Course is not purchased, then it will be the next most expensive food item ordered at the table that will be taken off the bill.