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Macaw Bar & Cafe


This venue offers delicious and healthy food that promotes a healthy lifestyle and will energize your soul. For cooking, they use only natural oils and do not use sugar syrups or flavor enhancers.

They offer delicious and healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners, which consist of natural products, including fresh smoothies and juices, which will fill you with energy and creatie a good mood. For coffee lovers, they also have a choice of strong espresso or gentle cappuccino to satisfy your needs. And, of course, they also have delicious desserts.

25% off
You and your guests are invited to enjoy 25% off the Total Bill (including wine and alcohol) per visit


Macaw Bar & Cafe
57/62, Tambon Rawai, Amphoe Mueang
Phuket Thailand

Trading Hours

Open: Daily  08:30 am - 10:30 pm